eWalletXpress Sports Betting


Sports betting sites have recently taken to becoming some of the eWalletXpress Sports Betting sites. Unfortunately, the government takes a harsh stance against banks processing credit card deposits into sportsbooks, so these eWalletXpress online sportsbooks are almost a necessity. With eWalletXpress you are going to be able to make instant deposits, easier withdrawals, and have a generally simpler experience while sports betting. With depositing out of the way, you are subject only to the best that sports betting has to offer, all without that mucking about with visits to Vegas, organized crime, or imposing upon your friends.

Online sportsbooks accepting eWalletXpress have opened up new doors of opportunity to the gambler. The ability to wager on any sporting event, at any time, completely free of any legal interaction has made these sports betting sites a saving grace for any gambler who would rather leave their luck to the athletes than themselves. Statistically speaking, it is easier to make a successful sports wager than nearly any other form of gambling. The eWalletXpress sportsbooks have made sports gambling ever simpler - you may as well be at the counter in a Vegas casino's sportsbook.

Top eWalletXpress Sports Betting Sites


DSI Sportsbook - 20% up to $500 Bonus - Top eWalletXpress Sportsbook

Diamond Sportsbook International leads the industry in terms of eWalletXpress Online Sports Betting. DSI will give players a 20%, $500 dollar match upon joining their psortsbooks. Future reload bonuses are also available, especially when using eWalletXpress as a deposit method. Withdrawals can also be made with eWalletXpress, so you should have a very simple time both giving and receiving your money. DSI covers lines on every sport, major and minor, and will give you access to the best that the games have to offer, be it a prop bet or a money line. Visit DSI Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook - 50% up to $250 Bonus - Top eWalletXpress Bonuses

Another of the best ewalletXpress sportsbooks can be found through Bovada. Bovada will give players a chance to clean up at the betting lines. Bovada covers new betting lines on a daily basis and keeps up with the entire sporting industry throughout the year. With their 50% match bonus, Bovada gives players a chance to receive up to an additional $250 dollars upon signing up. Bovada some of the quickest pay outs, an easy interface, and a commitment to quality rarely found through online eWalletXpress Sports Betting sites. Visit Bovada Sportsbook

EwalletXpress Sportsbooks
EwalletXpress Sportsbook Bonuses
1 Bovada 50% match bonus up to $250 Visit
2 DSI $500 with a 10% or 20% match bonus Visit
4 5 Dimes $200 with a 50% match bonus Visit
5 SportsBetting 50% match bonus unlimited Visit

eWalletXpress Sportsbook FAQ

Is online sports betting legal?
Yes, it is, though you will want to look into your local jurisdiction.

Do eWalletXpress deposits ever get rejected?
No, eWalletXpress sportsbooks have some of the highest deposit rates possible.

Will I still need to fill out a credit card authorization form?
More than likely, yes, the sportsbook will require you to fill out an authorization form.

How quick are withdrawals processed with eWalletXpress?
Using eWalletxpress to withdraw from the eWalletXpress Sportsbooks will typically process in less than a weeks time, making this one of the quickest withdrawals possible.

What are the other benefits to using eWalletXpress?
Occasionally you will find that the eWalletXpress sports betting will give you an additional bonus upon starting up.